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Audi R20 aka Audi Scorpion: First rendering of Audi’s supercar!

Audi R20, Audi Scorpion

Here’s the first rendering of the rumored Audi R20 aka Audi Scorpion, Audi’s upcoming supercar!

Audi’s upcoming, race-bred hypercar, based directly on the R18 e-tron Quattro Le Mans racer that took victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last year. Audi intends to use the new car, known internally as Scorpion, as a rolling showcase of the technologies the brand has developed throughout its racing endeavors. A design has yet to be finalized, but there are several proposals on the table, including a retro take on the future of racing as well as something that would closely resemble the R18. This rendering is our best interpretation of where the ongoing development of the car is at presently, following along the R18-inspired design that we understand to be favored within Audi.

Production of Scorpion likely will be limited to 333 units, as were the R8 GT and the A1 Quattro. That relatively low limited production run will save the company from the embarrassment of being unable to peddle all of its “limited” models, as has happened to Porsche with its Carrera GT and to Mercedes-Benz’s SLR McLaren.