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Audi TT Ultra quattro Concept: Incredibly lightweight

Audi TT Ultra quattro Concept

The Audi TT Ultra quattro Concept has lost 300kg.

Audi’s contribution this year will not be rushed into production, thought, as it’s based on the current TT, which is due for replacement in another year or two. But a lot of the ideas within the TT Ultra Quattro concept have a good chance of showing up on the road eventually. And that’s a very good thing, as Audi says it’s managed to shave a whopping 625 pounds from the TTS on which the Ultra Quattro is based. That is especially remarkable, as the current TTS already is a rather lightweight car—the last coupe we weighed tipped the scales at 3264 pounds—thanks to a healthy dose of aluminum in its high-strength-steel structure.