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VW Scirocco: Next generation to be radically different

VW Scirocco

Design of the next-generaton VW Scirocco will be radically different.

“It must be completely different. Completely,” de Silva was quoted as saying. “We don’t want to repeat the body style of the Scirocco, we want to change that. At the moment, it’s only a studio [project]. It’s not defined at the moment. We are still working…but we are looking 360 degrees,” he added

Whatever plans VW may have, the next Scirocco will be a front-wheel drive car with all-wheel drive possibly offered as an option, so it will use the MQB platform that underpins the latest Golf, with which it will also share its range of engines. Furthermore, the new Scirocco might break the ice for the US market – the current model is not offered Stateside, as it not only steps on the toes of the GTI but it’s also too expensive to be imported.