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Audi A1 quattro: Great video review!

Audi A1 quattro

Here’s a great video review of the awesome Audi A1 quattro. Enjoy!

We toss words like “crazy” and “insane” around quite a bit at Jalopnik, but the A1 Quattro truly deserves that adjective. It’s a tiny A1 fitted with all-wheel-drive, an absurd body kit and set of wheels, but most of all, the 253-horsepower, 258-lb ft. turbo four from the Audi S3. It’s rally-bred craziness distilled into an adorable little package, and it’s wonderful. P

Our pals at XCAR recently got the chance to drive around in one of just 19 A1 Quattros allocated to the United Kingdom, and only 333 were made worldwide. They say the car is living, driving proof that at least one German has a sense of humor. P

“Tiny car? Giant insane engine? Shouldn’t work, really does.” I can only imagine.