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Audi TT: More intel!

Audi TT

Here’s more intel about the next-generation Audi TT.

Engineers working on the third-generation TT want to close the handling gap to the Boxster – produced by Audi’s fellow VW Group brand, Porsche. But they aim to do so without affecting the Audi’s reputation for style, luxury and everyday usability.

This will be achieved in a number of ways. Firstly, Audi plans to cut the TT’s kerbweight, which has knock-on benefits for the dynamics, fuel consumption and performance. Under the skin will be the VW Group’s new MQB platform. It uses high-strength hot-formed steel and allows thinner-section members to be employed, giving a stiffer and lighter basic chassis.

Add in a bodyshell made predominantly from aluminium and the new model should be over 60kg lighter than the current car. That brings it down to around 1,200kg – just 35kg more than an A1 1.6 TDI.