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Audi R8: First impressions of next generation!

Audi R8

We have the first renderings of the next-generation Audi R8 for you. Will it look like this?

The new model is likely to stay close in concept to today’s R8, maintaining the proportions and interior space. However, neat new design features will include a more prominent single-frame grille that will eventually grace all Audi’s RS-badged models. There will also be new matrix-beam LED lights with an updated daytime running light design, and a shorter version of the car’s trademark sideblade.

Audi will use lessons learned from its R8 LMS racer, adding a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) bonnet and roof to save weight, while a version of the downforce-generating double diffuser used on the LMP1 Le Mans winner is expected, too. The car will also draw on the R8 e-tron – adopting its Multimaterial Spaceframe body, which uses 23 per cent carbon fibre in its construction to save 23kg. Also likely to be included are the e-tron’s glass fibre-reinforced polymer suspension springs, CFRP anti-roll bars, ceramic brakes and titanium rear wheel hubs. All this will help keep the weight below 1,500kg.